General uses for Scopolamine

The various medical uses for Scopolamine

  • General


    Prevent post-operative nausea, vomiting, and sea sickness

  • Gastroenterology


    Treatment of intestinal cramping through muscle relaxation.

  • Ophthalmology


    Induce mydriasis, pupillary dilation, and cycloplegia

  • Otolaryngology


    Dry upper airway (antisialogogue action) prior to instrumentation of the airway and ease of trauma.

  • Dental


    Drying agent to prevent excess secretion in the oral mucosa

  • Anesthesiology


    Pre-anesthetic to alleviate pre-operative anxiety and prevent side effects

About Scopolamine.

Available by prescription only

Scopolamine is available in tablet and transdermal patch form. Scopace, the brand name for the tablet form, has been discontinued and is no longer being manufactured by Hope Pharmaceuticals. The equivalent active ingredients of Scopace is available as a custom compounded prescription from compounding pharmacies. Steven’s Pharmacy has been custom formulating Scopolamine capsules.

Our compounding pharmacists will custom prepare the formulation of Scopolamine into a capsule with the exact dose as specified by the physician on the prescription.

Prescriptions can be faxed, e-prescribed, or called into the pharmacy. The pharmacy will then fill the custom compounded scopolamine order and have it ready for pick up, mail or delivery according to the patient specifications.

I was so happy to hear that you can make this medication. Thanks to my Scopolamine prescription, I have been able to do so much day-to-day and global travel that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. Thank you so much!
Kristen K.
- Patient

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Customer Comments

What customers like you are saying about Scopolamine

I like the personal service and prompt attention. I would not want to do business anywhere else.
L. Mahoney
L. Mahoney
Steven's Pharmacy is prompt and efficient. The staff is very courteous and we love all of them. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable.
Dr. E. Llorente
Dr. E. Llorente
Scopolamine is the best "motion sickness" medication I have ever used. We personally use this when scuba diving and it takes away any nausea while diving. It does not cause drowsiness for me and works quickly. One time I forgot to use it prior to diving and I had to surface. Once I took Scopolamine, I could dive again.
Thomas P.
Thomas P.
Scopolamine worked on my seasickness perfectly. Our whale watching trip took place on a very rough day. Several passengers were very ill during the trip, but I was fine with no side effects. I have told at least a dozen people about your product. Thank you for your time and attention in answering my questions regarding motion sickness and Scopolamine.
Rina N.
Rina N.

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